“Music to me has always been a lifesaver. It has helped me understand parts of me that I was never able to describe with words. And it was through music that I connected with my roots, to my identity as a Latin American artist, a citizen of the world.”

Sebastián Coloma is an innovative singer-songwriter and composer from Caracas, Venezuela. His music is known for the eclectic fusion of Caribbean rhythms, Latin American folklore and other popular genres that gives it its distinct Latin flavor.  

Sebastián’s songs have received wide critical acclaim, winning international recognition such as New York University's “Ultra Violet Live” award for Best Original Song, for his interpretation of “Al Compás.” His talent has allowed him to work alongside some of the best Latin American artists of the moment, including Jorge Glem, Nella Rojas, and many others, and to participate in recognized music festivals such as “Polar Nights” in New York City, and “Musicalion” in Panama City. 

Currently, Sebastián is in the process of releasing and promoting his first album, "Barrio de Canciones," which he describes as "a musical exploration of Latin American culture and diversity." Notable names that worked on the album include producer Billy Herron, mixing engineers Nacho Molino and Tweety González, Jorge Glem, Nicole Dillman, and some of New York City and Panamá's best musicians of the moment.

Sebastián Coloma was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on June 10th, 1994. Born to Peruvian parents, he spent a large portion of his childhood traveling to Perú, and when he was eleven years old he moved with his family to Panama City, Panamá, where he finished his elementary and secondary studies. In 2013 he began studying Music Technology at New York University, where he went on to get a Master’s degree as well. Some of his musical influences include artists such as Natalia Lafourcade, Jorge Drexler and Andrés Calamaro, but he also draws inspiration from Latin America’s cultural diversity, portraying his own identity in his songs.